May 12 – 15, 2019 // Reykjavik, Iceland

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Technical Program - Final Version

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Sunday - May 12, 2019

  5:30 PM Welcome Reception Location:
Art Museum

Day 1 Monday - May 13, 2019

Workshop Opening 9:00 AM Opening Remarks and Welcome D.J. Sobajic
I. Baldursdottir
Session #1 9:20 AM TSO-DSO interactions and their impact on modeling and data exchange Chair: N. Singh    
    TSO-DSO Interactions: Challenges and solutions N. Singh pdf pdf
    TSO-DSO Interactions: The EMS-DMS Data Exchange A. Bose pdf pdf
    TSO-DSO information exchange: a standard based methodology used in TDX-ASSIST European Project  E. Lambert pdf pdf
    A Model for the Flow of Information between TSOs and DSO Control Centers for the Future System A. Kelly pdf pdf
  10:40 AM  Coffee Break 30min      
    Integration of Renewable and Distributed Energy Resources – A Transactive Grid Perspective K. Moslehi pdf pdf
    Automatic functions for coordinated power flow control C. Rehtanz pdf pdf
    Reactive Power – Real-time Management and Control  G. Chiang pdf pdf
    Effective use of a novel designed inverter for distributions system to improve power system stability and voltage profiles N. Yorino pdf pdf
  12:30 PM Lunch      
Session #2 1:45 PM Enabling efficient and secure operation – control room technology and human factors Chair: I. Baldursdottir    
    Advanced EMS J.-M. Moulin pdf pdf
    Novel State Estimation for Networks with Limited Measurement Data  H.D. Chiang pdf pdf
    Analysis of North American Forced Oscillation Events M. Venkatasubramanian pdf pdf
    PMU as enabler for Digital Transformation of Transmission Grid Operation A. Skanlund pdf pdf
    Bridging the gap between operational planning and operation B. Riddington pdf pdf
    Designing eTrading solutions for electricity balancing and redispatching in Europe E. Cek pdf pdf
  3:45 PM  Coffee Break 30min      
  4:15 PM  Technical Information Systems and Generation Management System Interdependencies  N. Cukalevski pdf pdf
    Work Domain Analysis for Transmission System Operators to Support Situational Awareness for increasingly complex systems A. Kelly pdf pdf
    Leveraging weather for a better Power management in Europe S. Voirin pdf pdf
    The Industrial Internet or Things (IIoT); Standards, methods, and use cases for today’s (and tomorrow’s) Control Center needs E. Felt pdf pdf
    Ecological Graph Visualization for Network State Estimation A. Hilliard pdf pdf
    The evolution of EMS architecture in China Southern Power Grid H. Zhou pdf pdf
    Information security requirements and their impact on physical security M. Pietsch pdf pdf
  6:35 PM Session Adjourned       
  7:30 PM Banquet Dinner      

Day 2  Tuesday - May 14, 2019

Session #3 8:00 AM Impact of Grid Inertia on Power System Control Chair: A. Kelly    
    Effective Inertia Metering, Forecasting and Grid-Sensitive Control for Renewable Integration D. Wilson pdf pdf
    Possible Amount of Frequency Regulation Reserve by V2G in Japan S. Tamura pdf pdf
    Inertia Estimation Methodologies vs Measurement Methodology: Impact on System Stability C. Kimmett pdf pdf
    Development of a Novel EMS Controller for Managing Distributed Batteries Y. Sasaki pdf pdf
    Distributed Cluster Control for Low Inertia Power System B. Zhang pdf pdf
    Introduction of Fast Frequency Reserve to Handle Low Inertia in the Nordic Power System M. Kuivaniemi pdf pdf
  10:00 AM  Coffee Break 30min      
Session #4 10:30 AM Probabilistic Reliability Management Chair: L. Wehenkel    
    The Probabilistic Future of the Icelandic Control Room  I. Baldursdottir pdf pdf
    From reliability and resilience towards a holistic approach to power system risk management L. Wehenkel pdf pdf
    Adjustable Robust Optimization for Generation Scheduling with Large-Scale Wind Power Integration Q. Ding pdf pdf
    Real time probabilistic risk assessment for power system operations and operations planning A. Svendsen pdf pdf
    Taking probabilistic reliability management from theory to practice: challenges, lessons learnt and next steps  E. Karangelos pdf pdf
Excursion Tour 12:30 PM Guided Tour to Hellisheidi Geothermal powerplant. 
Lunch boxes will be provided on the bus   

Day 3    Wednesday - May 15, 2019

Session #5 8:15 AM Artificial Intelligence Techniques in System Operations and Control Chair: D.J. Sobajic    
    Data science and Machine Learning in the Energy Industry T. Borst pdf pdf
    Applying digitalization trends in grid control R. Apel pdf pdf
    Power Grid Control Operation AI System - Analysis and Discussion of Key Technologies X. Shan pdf pdf
    Digital companions - exploiting a new quality for control center operation S. Sander pdf pdf
    The Role of Predictive Big Data Analytics in Future Control Centers  M. Kezunovic pdf pdf
    Towards an AI assistant for short-term grid operation R. Clement pdf pdf
  10:15 AM Coffee Break 30min      
    Assessment of DERMS Deployment Under Various Operating Conditions G. Ockwell pdf pdf
    Eye-opener of system performance with help of Wide-Area-Measurements & controls  B. Heimisson pdf pdf
    Advanced inter TSO Voltage-VAR Scheduler for coordinated voltage control  R. Rubesa pdf pdf
    How might the control center look like in the future?  Vision from an R&D perspective S. Berlijn pdf pdf
    Usage of CRIOP to verify and validate the ability of a control centre to safely and efficiently handle all modes of operations H. Svölu pdf pdf
  1:00 PM Lunch      
Session #6 2:30 PM EPCC 15 Sponsors/Vendors Panel   Chair: T. Chehata    
    ABB / Next step towards semi-automated system operations – new functionalities and project implementation aspects. J. Bujak pdf pdf
    BSI / Global AC Optimal Power Flow (Super OPF) H.D. Chiang pdf pdf
    DNV GL / Digital Grid Service Portfolio T. Borst pdf pdf
    EPRI / Control Center Research Program for the Integration Grid A. Kelly  pdf pdf
    GE / Experience in using Machine Learning R. Giovanini pdf pdf
  3:45 PM Coffee Break 15min      
    NARI / Smart Energy Service System Platform and Application G. Liu pdf pdf
    NR / Technology Research on Grid Source Coordination Monitoring System Based on Dynamic Measurements F. Chen pdf pdf
    PROMAPS / Demonstration of real time probabilistic risk assessment for power system operation and planning of operation  A. Svendsen pdf pdf
    Siemens / How to maintain Grid Stability in transmission grids despite increasing complexity? S. Sander pdf pdf
    Sifang / Local dynamic multi-dimensional analysis of distribution network mapping, model abstract compression and automatic layout technology G. Liang

pdf pdf
  5:15 PM Panel Discussion All    
  6:00 PM Closing Remarks  D.J. Sobajic    

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